Embrace the nature

Two nights package

An experience that offers the exceptional opportunity to enter into relationship with Nature and to interact with it in a practical, intimate and harmonious way, to relax, dissolve stress, tensions, enhance your qualities and nourish yourself, body and soul, with your its precious gifts and unique benefits.


FRIDAY 3 JULY FROM 21.30 TO 23.00

Recharge ourselves with new energy and let go of what weighs us down. 

Walk under the full moon, to recharge with new, positive and fresh energy. After a short moment to relax the mind and take contact with ourselves and the Nature that surrounds us, the participants will be accompanied along the path of San Martino a Vattaro and stimulated to let go of what is superfluous (emotions, memories, sensations, situations , etc.), to make space for the new. The light and energy of the full moon offers the unique opportunity to recharge with positivity, strength and everything you need at this moment, to better face the continuation of the path of life.

Useful information: 

– It is recommended to wear comfortable clothing suitable for the temperatures of the season
– It is recommends wearing trekking shoes

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Immerse yourself in the woods with all our senses 


Do you want to live a unique experience? Then immerse yourself with all your senses in the beneficial properties of the forest with its trees and plants to enter a dimension of relaxation, slowness and special contact with nature.

PROGRAM: Meeting at 09.15 in the square of the Church of Bosentino and subsequent ascent by car to the Castagneto parking lot.

After a light walk of about 15/20 minutes on the forest road, we will enter the wood, where various exercises of attention to your senses (hearing, sight, smell, touch, taste) will be proposed with the aim of relaxing the mind and to come into deep contact with ourselves and Nature. The Shinrin “forest” Yoku “bath – bath in the forest is a deep connection activity with Nature in a dimension of slowness, awareness and relationship with the forest, with the aim of relaxing the mind and unloading the emotional load that accompanies us in our daily life. During this experience, various exercises will be proposed, in which participants will be able to savor the gifts offered by the forest organism (colors, shapes, smells, tactile sensations) through their main senses (sight, hearing, smell , touch and taste), thus promoting a particular and unique connection with the present moment. The bath in the woods was born in the early eighties in Japan and refers to immersing yourself in nature with the five senses. The forest, the wood, they are a state of knowledge; the condition in which every desire flows effortlessly towards its fulfillment. Scientific studies show that immersion in nature is able to reduce concentrations of the stress hormone in the body, to strengthen the immune system, to regulate blood pressure and heart rate, to lower cholesterol. The “bath in the forest” is an adventure of profound communion with nature. It is practiced in many ways, but the most traditional one is walking and meditation in the woods. Immersion in Nature, therefore, can make us overcome our difficulties, because the forest has always known us and nourishes our creativity, and it is proven that creativity is the most useful gift to man for his realization in the world of work and money, much more effective than a mere intellectual quotient or other logical gifts.

Useful information: 

– Meeting place in front of the Bosentino church;
– It is recommended to wear comfortable clothing suitable for the temperatures of the season, long trousers, a sweatshirt, twenty rainwear and trekking shoes;
– The experience is conducted by Arno Cardini (expert in “bathing in the forest”);


Children create a work of art with what Nature gives 

SUNDAY 5 JULY FROM 9.30 TO 11.30 

This activity, designed for children, aims to make them experience a moment of deep contact with Nature.

A series of exercises will be proposed to encourage them to experience the natural environment around them with an attitude of curiosity and novelty.

In detail, the following exercises are proposed: 

– heating of the senses: walking in a group in the park, paying attention to the various colors, the types of trees, the various shapes of the leaves;

– guess which element of nature it is (couple exercise): in the couple first one, then the other partner has their eyes closed; the child with open eyes takes an element “branch, leaf, stone, …” and the partner with the eyes closed must discover through his own sense of touch, what it is;

– discover the gifts of Nature: each participant walks in the park, bringing attention to their own meaning of sight with an attitude of curiosity and novelty. When attracted to one or more elements (leaf, branch, …) collects it;

– build the mandala: with the elements collected, respecting the group ritual, the mandala will be built. 

Useful information: 

– The Bosentino park meeting place;
– The activity will last 2 hours and is open to children aged 3 – 15 years.
– It is recommended to wear comfortable clothing suitable for the temperatures of the season;
– The experience is conducted by Arno Cardini (expert in “bathing in the forest”);

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