Forest Bathing

What is the “forest bathing”?

The wood bath was born in the early eighties in Japan and refers to immersing oneself in nature with the five senses. The forest is a state of knowledge: the condition in which every desire flows effortlessly towards its fulfillment. Scientific studies show that immersion in nature is able to reduce the concentrations of the stress hormone in the body, to strengthen the immune system, to regulate blood pressure and heart rate, to lower cholesterol. “Forest Bathing” is an adventure of profound communion with Nature. It is practiced in many ways, but the most traditional is walking and meditation in the woods. Immersion in nature, therefore, can make us overcome our difficulties, because the forest has always known us and nourishes our creativity, and it is proved that creativity is the most useful gift for man for his realization in the world of work and money, far more effective than a mere intellectual quotient or other logical qualities.

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The A.S.D. FITNAT Fitness & Nature offers the activity “Forest Bathing” on the Piani of Bosentino every Saturday afternoon from June to September. Arno Cardini will accompany you to live an experience of deep contact with the forest and its elements and will be structured as follows:
– meeting at the parking lot of the Parco delle Fratte (Castagneto) in Bosentino and walk to the Piani of Bosentino (2.3 km with a difference in altitude of 100 m – round trip approximately 50/60 minutes);
– relaxation exercises in contact with the elements of Nature to enter a state of tranquility and inner peace;
– conscious exercises in contact with the elements of Nature through one’s senses;
– specific exercises to stimulate one’s attention;
– interaction exercises with the various elements of Nature.

Useful information:
– The activity lasts about 4 hours;
– It is open to a minimum number of 5 and a maximum of 20 people;
– The contribution is € 15 for members and € 20 for non-members (amount including membership and insurance coverage).
To join, just transmit the data (name and surname, place and date of birth, place and address of residence, tax code).

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