Visits and events

“Seed bombs for a colorful world”

A soft clay-ball full of seeds of flowers and plants you can throw in a field or in a forgotten corner in order to help the bees and the beauty of the world! Clay and seeds are the ingredients for these balls that let us beautify the hidden corners of our towns and help insects! Our seed bomb has to be thrown in the field and then we have to forget about it… Nature will do its course thanks to the sun and the rain!

“Just a pinch…”

How can you keep the flavors of your vegetable garden in winter? I reveal you a secret: just prepare aromatic salts! Babylonia used to use salt to preserve food! But… how does it work? It is really simple: salt “steals” water from fresh herbs, the ones we have already chosen, picked up and crumbled. Thanks to this “water theft” we will be able to preserve the aromas for a long time. And how is the recipe? That’s your choice, because you have your own tastes, haven’t you?

Visiting the didactic farm Il Leprotto Bisestile 

Here you find the events of April… egg hunt, visits, product-tastings, relaxing moments, natural cosmetics…