Az. Agricola Il Leprotto Bisestile

A place where herbs and animals are well taken care


On the Vigolana Plateau at 700 metres above sea level in the little hamlet Bosentino lays the rural farmstead “Il Leprotto Bisestile”, literally “The March Hare”.


Among woods and meadows, where the lively mountain air brushes your skin and your eyes gaze the crystal-clear waters of Lake Caldonazzo, the farm hosts many species of medicinal, natural and aromatic plants, from which infusions, cosmetics and aromatic salts are made. Specialty of this rural farmstead is heliculture, this means, it raises land snails for cosmetic use.


Azienda Agricola Il Leprotto Bisestile
Via Castagnè 12

38049 Altopiano della Vigolana – Bosentino (TN)

 Tel. 333.2192999

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“Preparing aromatic salts, infusions, jams with floral flavours and creams with natural herbs let me feel like a woman of yesteryear, that, shrouded in mystery, measures out the perfect quantities of her herbs with wisdom and serenity” – Francesca reports us, founder and manager of the farm.

Here Francesca hosts countless animals coming from complicated situations or abandonments, she takes care of them and let them live in the farm.


“Every morning I open the shutters and I see the Vigolana Massif in front of me – Francesca tells us – the mountain that hugs me while Lake Caldonazzo gently cuddles me. It seems to be a postcard. I get dressed and I go downstairs to my animals, they are waiting for me, they recognize me and they call me. Obviously they’re hungry and they want me to pet them. That’s how my daily routine starts, among donkeys, sheep, hens, little rabbits and the whole happy clan rich in special animals, which I have established a good relationship with.

Why should a clock tell you what time it is?

“For the record – Francesca explains – the most frequent question many people make me is about the meaning of the name of the farm “Il Leprotto Bisestile”. I tell them that it’s both a name that sums up what I am and a wish for carefreeness, serenity and an exhortation for not being slaves of time. The characters in the book “Alice in Wonderland” broke all the clocks and sometimes I try not to look at the time…