Via Claudia Augusta

Claudia Augusta is the name of the ancient imperial road traced in the I century BC by the Roman General Druso and later concluded by his son, Emperor Claudius.

After two thousand years of history, Via Claudia Augusta, the ancient Roman road that led from the Po River lowlands and the Adriatic Sea all the way to Bavaria and the Danube, is enjoying a renaissance. With the end of conflict and a united Europe, the Via Claudia Augusta has become a bridge joining and blending cultures, places and emotions. It is a symbolic route that spans three nations, each with its own diverse landscape and traditions, artistic treasures and culinary specialities, marked by a more approachable, youthful and ecologically sustainable tourism. The itinerary invites us to leave our watches at home to explore places and landscapes from a fresh perspective, attentive to the colours, subtle nuances, fragrances and flavours of the history that permeates everything here.

This is the main north-south connection, with all its associated business opportunities, meet and trade with merchants and travellers from all over the world. For 2000 years the only Roman Imperial road has been leaving its mark on the adjoining regions, their inhabitants and their cultures. Follow in their footsteps and take your time to view the places of interest and other attractions along the way. You can find out more by looking under the menu items Bavaria, Tyrol, Val d’Adige, Valsugana-Feltre Altino or Verona-Ostiglia and also on the map below. That is also where you will find information about businesses dedicated to touring cyclists and long-distance walkers.