The 60 km of Vigolana

The Plateau area has a set of trails where you can enjoy excursions on foot, by bike, and on horseback that connect the main areas of the Vigolana.

The Plateau, enclosed between the Vigolana and Marzola massifs, shows up like a broad gentle valley with a typical rural landscape, rich in orchards in the flat valley and breathtaking woods of chestnut trees, firs and beeches.

Comprising 200 km of closed-circuit trails, it is called “The 60km of Vigolana”, the name of the main trail. These intersecting circular paths differ in level of difficulty and starting altitude, so they are great for both easy walks and excursions that are more demanding.

If you want, it is possible to have a look at the online interactive map:

Route 1  I 60km della Vigolana *
Route 2  L’Altopiano della Vigolana a Cavallo *
Route 11  Il Sentiero dell’Anza Rossa *
Route 13  La Genzianella *
Route 14  Masi Bassi di Centa San Nicolò *
Route 15  Castagneti di Centa San Nicolò *
Route 21  Al Malghet del Doss da Bugo *
Route 24  Ai Paludei e Foscur *
Route 33  I Piani di Bosentino *
Route 34  Il Sentiero dei Minatori *
Route 41  Al Castello di Vigolo Vattaro *

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Why covering the 60 km of Vigolana?


The most popular sport is mountain biking, given the excellent layout of the terrain, featuring flat areas alternating with gentle differences in level. The numerous paths all run through lovely green areas, are clearly marked with red and white signs, and offer many places where you can get refreshment and repair.

Many trails are also provided for horseback riding, which can be enjoyed alone or with expert guides from stables that are open all year and employ federal masters in equitation. A transit point of the Bridleway of Eastern Trentino is also located on the Plateau. You can also practice hiking, by yourself or with mountain guides, as well as Nordic Walking, a sport that is well suited to the trails on the Vigolana.

These are some of the most beautiful routes of the Plateau; the maps report the elevation profile and suggest the best way to enjoy the track: either on foot, or by bike or on horseback.