Routes and paths

Enclosed between the Vigolana and the Marzola massifs, the Vigolana Plateau is a broad and gentle valley characterised by a typical rural landscape: in the lower part orchards and broad meadows occupy the most of the land, whereas in the higher, majestic forests rich of firs and beeches cover the steep slopes.

The paths’ net is vast and well-kept: more than 200km of paths and routes, which name is 60km della Vigolana, taken from the main track’s one. One of the most interesting routes of the net is the Way of the Senses, with interactive panels that titillate your five senses.

It’s possible to cover these marvellous paths by horse too, as the Ippovia del Trentino Orientale crosses the plateau (East Trentino Horse Trail). Once, the Plateau there was the ancient historic road Via Claudia Augusta.

Sport- and nature-lovers, young and old ones: The Vigolana Plateau suits everyone.