The landscape

Enclosed between the Vigolana and the Marzola Massifs to the southwest and the northwest, the enchanting landscape of the Vigolana Plateau is graced with broad meadows and breathtaking woods that have remained unchanged over time, thanks to the generosity of Nature. From this natural balcony, you can admire mountain panoramas, valleys and lakes.

The woods are populated by pine, beech, fir and laurel, and the underbrush scented with cyclamen, rhododendron, lily-of-the-valley and orchid teems with porcini mushrooms and chestnuts in the Fall.

In the Summer, the friendliness and hospitality of the people can be felt at the many rustic celebrations, town festivals, concerts and events that are put on by volunteer organizations.

In the Winter, you can walk across the snow on snowshoes as you await the arrival of Christmas, which is heralded by decorated trees, nativity scenes and charming flea markets.

The Vigolana Plateau, an island of relaxation in the heart of Trentino, is the ideal place to rejuvenate body and mind, at any time of the year.

The history

The first human settlements were made around 3500 years ago.


The history of the Plateau reflects the history of the eastern Alpine region. The Rhaetians were the first people to settle in the area, where they created villages of shepherds.

A host of different armies conquered the region – specifically the Romans (who left us Via Claudia Augusta), the Barbarians, the Langobards and the FranksThe Prince-Bishops of Trento subsequently dominated the area. The “Carta di Regola” of Vigolo dates back to 1496 and is the first example of the birth of a local community.

The Plateau also had to face the Napoleonic invasions, which caused serious hardship. Conditions improved after the Congress of Vienna, but an economic crisis in the second half of the 1800s forced almost a third of the populace to leave.

The two Great World Wars also exacted their tribute of blood.

Today, the Plateau is one of the most delightful, agreeable areas to visit and live in eastern Trentino.