Palazzo Bortolazzi

The palace was built in the XVII Century on Ludovico and Bartolomeo Bolrtolazzi’s request, the sons of a dealer of wine and greases. In Vattaro he bought more than 120 pieces of land, decided to build an altar in the Church of Saint Martin and his sons contributed to the restoration of the little church of Saint Rocco.

The building of Bortolazzi Palace and a large green area were enclosed within walls. The family gained the appellation of Counts with the names of Wattardorf and Prunnenberg, gaining the coat of arms made up of two parts: a spoonbill (a bird similar to a stork) with a paw lying on a rock in the lower half and a luxuriant branch in the upper half.

The major hall and the smaller right one in the ground are shield a gem of rare beauty, as they both are decorated with frescoes of Erasmo Antonio Obermüller dating back in the XVIII century.