Parish Church of Vigolo Vattaro

The Parish Church of Vigolo Vattaro lies a stone’s throw from the heart of the town and its building dates back to mid 1500. A document dating back to 1542 certifies its existence and the date carved on the architrave of the main portal reports 1558, the year when building of the church ended.

The Church is dedicated to Saint George, protector of guides and scouts. The building has a single nave with barrel vault ending with pentagonal apse decorated with frescoes. Noteworthy are the three marble altars dating back to the 1700s: the major altar occupies a central position, the left one is dedicated to the Virgin Mary and the right one to Saint George. Furthermore, along the nave there are two further altars: one is called “of the Rosary” and the other “of the Crucifix”.

The ciborium standing on the major altar is made up of six two-toned little Solomonic columns, dominated by a cymatium decorated with angels and a yellow marmorean sphere. At its sides, the statues of Saint Peter and Saint Paul.

In 1995 thanks to work for the renovation of the inner floor, some rests of perimeter walls of a previous church were found and some pieces frescoes too.