Parish Church of Vattaro

The Parish Church of Vattaro is dedicated to Saint Martin, the patron of the town, and lies in its eastern extremity of it.

La chiesa parrocchiale di Vattaro è stata dedicata a S.Martino, il santo patrono del paese e si colloca all’estremità orientale del paese.

The first proof of existence of the church was found in a document dating back to 1370.

The outer side was restored in the 18th Century and in the following years the presbytery, the sacristy and the bell tower have been modified. In the 19th Century under financing of Gaspare Bortolazzi, member of the bourgeois family Bortolazzi, other restoration works have been made. By his will, as he died in 1846, he was buried in Saint Martin’s Church.

Internally, the church is simple with a single central nave. Noteworthy is the marble major altar of the 18th Century, carved and engraved by the Trentino masters Andrea Lucchi and Valentino Villa. On the lateral walls and on the dome there are countless frescoes representing the Madonna and the Saints.