Parish Church of Bosentino

The Parish Church of Bosentino is dedicated to Saint Joseph and lies in the historical centre of the town, near the doctor’s office and the nursery school.

Its building started in the 18th Century and it ended in the following century, the 19th, under the guidance of Don Candido Murara. According to testimonies, the church’s building was completed not only thanks to the manpower, but also to the offerings of the believers.

The inner decorations were painted by Duilio Corompai and date back to 1933. On the outer façade hang two marble boards remembering the two main priests, Don Candido Murara and Don Clemente Deflorian. The latter wanted the construction of the rectory and the restoration of the Sanctuary of Madonna del Feles; furthermore, he operated for the social improvement of Bosentino too, as he battled for the building of the kindergarten, the cheese factory and the aqueduct.

The Church of Saint Joseph became parish church in 1956 for merit of Don Francesco Fontanari, its first priest.