Church of San Rocco all’Ospitale – Vigolo Vattaro

The little church of San Rocco all’Ospitale (“Saint Roch in the Hospital”), dates back to the Carolingian Age.

A document written in 1533 (during the visit of the Bishop of Feltre in this area) certifies the existence of the building and the dedication to the Saint, the protector of pestiferous people. The name “all’Ospitale” confirms that the church worked as chapel for the little hospital, in which pestiferous and homeless people were nursed.

The church has been recovered in 1978, after being in state of abandon for more than a century. Two magnificent wooden Baroque altars by the wood-carver family Grober dating back to the 17. century, both decorated with magnificent altarpieces, enrich the inside.

The altarpiece of the major altar shows a painting by Carlo Pozzi (17. century), “Madonna and the Child with Saint Fabian, Roch and Sebastian”, while the lateral one, dating back to the same century but by unknown artist, represents “The Entombment of Christ between Saint Joseph and Charles Borromeo”.

On the left wall there is a fresco by unknown artist representing the “Nursing Madonna”.